Wimbledon finally welcomes a vegan alternative to their famous strawberries and cream.

Wimbledon strawberries and cream go vegan. - vbazaar

If there is one thing that you will instantly think of when it comes to Wimbledon, it is their iconic strawberries with lashings of cream. For the past 142 years that Wimbledon has only ever offered a dairy based cream with their strawberries, but, with the rise of people switching to a vegan lifestyle, even Wimbledon have decided to make a change.

A change to the history

Wimbledon has been around since 1877 and since it began all that time ago, spectators have flocked from the stands to sample strawberries and cream. Fast forward 142 years and finally for those who adopt a dairy free approach to their diet can join in the fun.

Alongside the standard dairy based cream that is usually poured on top of sweet, juicy and beautifully bright strawberries that are served up at the tournament. There is now a vegan friendly alternative. This comes in the form of cream made from soya, which is incredibly tasty and healthy too.

It is also worthwhile noting that the strawberries that form the base of this signature dish come from a Kent farm, and the food team at Wimbledon have bought their strawberries from this farm for over 30 years.

They provide around 28,000kg of strawberries for every year of the tournament and around 10 succulent strawberries make it into each serving, before your choice of cream is poured on the top. If there are any strawberries left over (which of course there isn’t too many when they taste so good) they are then made into jam which is sold within the club house.

Wimbledon strawberries and cream go vegan. - vbazaar
Wimbledon strawberries and cream go vegan. – vbazaar

Why make the change?

Some people may wonder why it has taken 142 years to make this change, some may even ask why Wimbledon have even made the change at all. The head of food and drink at Wimbledon, Anthony Davies has advised that they wanted to make the change to the menu so that they were as relevant as possible and that they reflected the changes that are taking place in the UK market.

Not only this, but veganism and flexitarianism is also on the rise, especially over the last 12 years in the UK, which makes it even more obvious to those deciding on the menu at Wimbledon, that vegan options should always be on offer.

Soya cream is not only delicious and vegan friendly, but those who have tried it have already said that the texture is much the same as single pouring cream, which means that those who are vegan can still have the same flavour and texture experience as those who are choosing to have the dairy based cream.

We hope that the changes at Wimbledon heralds more changes in the future and more vegan friendly options will be appearing at major events throughout the UK.

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