The Beyond Meat Company launches a brand new vegan product

Beyond Meat plant-based ground beef

Thankfully as veganism becomes more popular, more and more vegans are finding that there are plenty of delicious foods out there to enjoy. One product that can be hard to find a substitute for is beef. In particular ground beef.

Recognising this, the Beyond Meat Company decided that they wanted to figure out a way to plug this gap in the market.

They have developed their plant-based ground beef product, which is just about to launch and is sure to take the market by storm.

What is Beyond Beef?

Beyond Beef, as it is going to be known, promises to not only look like ground beef, but also cook like it too. They hope that this meat alternative is going to be versatile enough to use for a variety of dishes that vegans can sometimes find it hard to make themselves. This includes, tacos, bolognese and sliders too.

Beyond Beef is made from a blend of mung bean, pea and rice proteins and has around 25% less saturated fat than the traditional ground beef. It also contains around 20g of protein in a four ounce serving. This not only means that it is delicious, but that is also healthy too.

Good news for vegans and Beyond Meat alike

Of course, we love the fact that a brand-new vegan product has made its way into the market and it means that there are not only going to be plenty of happy vegans out there knowing that they have another option open to them. It is also likely that many new vegans are going to feel more inclined to switch to this lifestyle, simply because there are better meat alternative options that they can try.

It is, of course, great news for vegans, but it also seems that Beyond Meat are feeling the benefit of developing this product too. Simply by announcing that they were launching this product, they have already seen that their share prices have risen.

Great news for vegans around the world, but also great news for those within the company too.

Feeling tempted to try Beyond Meat out for yourself?

The good news that along with this brand new product, they also have a number of meat free choices in their range too. They offer up their beef patty, their sausage and also their beef crumbles too. All of which are popular amongst vegan consumers and have even made their way into some of the biggest name restaurant chains out there too.

We are sure that veganism is set to grow and grow in the years to come, especially thanks to amazing products just like the ones that Beyond Meat are creating and producing!

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