Adidas by Stella McCartney gets a Wimbledon Sustainable dress code.

Angelique Kerber - adiddas - recycled plastic clothes

Adidas by Stella McCartney: shaping a more sustainable future for sport and fashion….

If there is one thing that Wimbledon is famous for (apart from the world-class tennis of course) it is the all-white dress code that every single player has to ahead to.

This fashion has been a staple part of the world of Wimbledon and that doesn’t seem set to change. However, just because the clothes are staying white, that doesn’t mean that they can’t have a touch of green about them.

Something that Stella McCartney has decided that she wants to tackle. After the success of her specially designed Team GB kits for the London 2012 Olympics, world famous fashion designer Stella has turned her attention to some of the key players at this year’s Wimbledon. But rather than just focusing on fashion alone, she has decided to take an environmentally friendly approach too.

Stella Mccartney in collaboration with Adidas…

In a collaboration with Adidas, Stella has created the ever famous Wimbledon whites, all with an entirely different approach. The outfits are made from plastic, waste that has been taken from the beaches before it ends up in the ocean, something that is a key part of green living at the moment.

Along with this beach plastic, the kits also come with a synthetic fibre, which is made from plastic bottles and old clothes too.

The environmental nature of these amazing kits doesn’t end there. As well as being made from recycled, salvaged and waste materials, the process that they are made are even greener than the norm.

They have been made using a method that is known as Dope Dye Technology. This particular production method creates a lot less water waste than you can often find during fashion manufacturing, this is because it dyes the materials at an early stage of production, rather than at a later stage.

Who will be wearing it?

Want to see what you think of this eco-friendly approach to fashion at this year’s Wimbledon? There are a few players who are going to be wearing the stylish kits and the great news is that they are made for both men and women.

You will see Dominic Thiem, Stefanos Tisitipas and Alexander Zverev wearing these kits, you will also see them on Angelique Kerber, Garbine Muguruza and Caroline Wozniacki too.

It is great news for eco-awareness that not only this huge name in the fashion world is on board with this environmentally-friendly approach. But also that these key athletes are too. Not only will it encourage other sports-people and fashion icons to take the plunge and protect their planet, but it will also inspire us normal folk to make a change too.

Of course, we can’t go about making clothes out of plastic (well you could if you like) but what it does mean is that you will think more about better ways to deal with your waste and encourage recycling and appropriate waste management in the long-term.

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