V-Bazaar’s Shipping Policy

We at V-Bazaar offer numerous services to enable vendors to deliver their unique, vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and globally conscious products and services into customer hands in a quick and secure fashion. The Shipping Policy detailed hereinafter explains vendors’ shipping obligations.

This policy forms part of V-Bazaar’s overall Terms of Use. If the user sells products or services using V-Bazaar’s retail platform, they thereby agree to this policy and the overall Terms of Use.

1. Shipping Items

Vendors are responsible for shipping their sold items to customers. If you’re using a shipping or fulfilment service, please keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for making sure that your customers receive their orders.

In using V-Bazaar’s retail platform, vendors hereby agree to the following conditions:

  1. The vendor submits that the “Shipping From” address they provide is accurate.
  2. The vendor submits that all shipping fees and timescales will be specified and easily accessible to customers.
  3. The vendor agrees to ship products and services in a prompt manner following sale. Prompt shipping is defined by V-Bazaar as each product or service is shipped within 30 days of purchase, unless specified otherwise by the vendor in accordance with their processing timescales, or if privately agreed with the customer by way of V-Bazaar’s communication tool. Vendors acknowledge that they must acquire the customer’s consent before updating processing timescales for a specific order.
  4. The vendor acknowledges that they must be in compliance with all local and international regulations relating to shipping and customs.
  5. The vendor agrees to ship orders to the address stipulated on the V-Bazaar receipt.
  6. The vendor agrees to label an order as shipped when (and only when) it has been shipped. Customers will receive a notification once a vendor marks their order as shipped.
  7. The vendor agrees to charge an appropriate amount for shipping.

Vendors are advised that if they enter tracking information or delivery confirmation on V-Bazaar, they are giving the company permission to collect and share this data received from that vendor’s selected shipping carrier with the customer.

While it is unlikely to happen, should an order fail to arrive, vendors should be prepared to provide valid proof of shipping on demand. Evidence that the item actually shipped and was sent to the address stipulated by the customer on V-Bazaar must all be shown and discernible on the proof of shipping for it to be considered valid. Should a customer not receive their order, vendors are advised that customer is within their rights to file a case against your shop with V-Bazaar.

V-Bazaar does offer assistance to vendors who meet the company’s Vendor Protection Programme requirements. For more information about this, users are advised to refer to V-Bazaar’s Vendor Protection Policy.

2. V-Bazaar Shipping Labels

Vendors based in the United States, Canada, UK, and Australia who accept payments via V-Bazaar’s payment system or via PayPal are able to use V-Bazaar Shipping Labels.

In using V-Bazaar Shipping Labels, vendors agree to the following:

  1. Vendors acknowledge that all shipping labels will only be used to ship corresponding V-Bazaar orders.
  2. Vendors acknowledge that shipping labels must neither be transferred nor sold to any third parties.
  3. Vendors accept full responsibility for the contents of any parcels shipped using V-Bazaar Shipping Labels. Alongside all policies upheld by V-Bazaar, vendors also agree to comply with any and all terms, conditions, policies and rules upheld by the shipping carrier for that vendor’s products and services.
  4. Vendors acknowledge that V-Bazaar has no responsibility for any issues encountered while the vendors’ products or services being shipped using V-Bazaar Shipping Labels are in transit. In other words, should an item get lost, damaged, or arrive later than expected or stipulated, the vendor will have no recourse against V-Bazaar. For more information on how the vendor’s selected shipping carrier handles parcels that are lost, damaged, or delayed, vendors are advised to review that shipping carrier’s terms and conditions
  5. Vendors acknowledge that V-Bazaar reserves the right to remove access to V-Bazaar Shipping Labels at any time and for any reason.

Royal Mail Labels

Vendors based in the UK may purchase Royal Mail postage on V-Bazaar to fulfil their orders. By using Royal Mail postage, vendors agree to comply with the Royal Mail V-Bazaar Programme rules. This includes but is not limited to Royal Mail Restricted and Prohibited Goods, and the UK Government Webpage on “Shipping Dangerous Goods”.

UK vendors acknowledge and agree that any Royal Mail Trademarks and Trademarks of Royal Mail Group Ltd displayed on V-Bazaar.com or in any V-Bazaar communication are not available for replication or reproduction in any way. This is unless further written permission of Royal Mail has already been provided. In these cases, evidence of such permissions will need to be provided to V-Bazaar.

Vendors based in the UK can request a refund for Royal Mail postage within 14 days of creating a label, providing said label has not been used to ship a package. Vendors are advised that Royal Mail reviews all refund requests and that they will be notified by V-Bazaar once a refund request has been approved or denied.

USPS Labels

Vendors in the USA are able to purchase USPS postage on V-Bazaar to fulfil their orders. By using USPS postage, the vendor agrees to adhere to the USPS rules and USPS Privacy Statement.

Vendors may request a refund for USPS postage within 10 days of creating a label, providing said label has not been used to ship a package. Vendors are advised that USPS reviews all refund requests. V-Bazaar will notify vendors as to whether a request has been approved or denied.

FedEx Labels

Alternatively, USA vendors may purchase FedEx shipping labels on V-Bazaar to fulfil their orders. By using FedEx shipping labels, the vendor agrees to comply with the FedEx Service Guide.

Vendors may request a refund for FedEx shipping labels within 10 days of creating a label, providing said label has not been used to ship a package. V-Bazaar processes these refund requests; vendors are advised that V-Bazaar will notify them after approving or denying their request.

Canada Post Labels

By using Canada Post shipping labels, the vendor hereby agrees to adhere to Canada Post rules.

Vendors may request a refund for Canada Post shipping labels within 15 days of creating a label, providing that label has not been used to ship a package. Refund requests are reviewed by Canada Post. Vendors are advised that V-Bazaar will notify them after a request is approved or denied.

Australia Post Labels

In using Australia shipping labels, the vendor agrees to comply with any and all applicable Australia Post’s Terms and Conditions.

Vendors are able to request a refund for Australia Post shipping labels within 14 days of creating a label, providing said label has not been used to ship a package. Refund requests are reviewed by Australia Post; vendors will be notified by V-Bazaar once a request is approved or denied.

3. Shipping Insurance

If a vendor uses V-Bazaar Shipping Labels, they can purchase parcel insurance to protect their shipments. Parcel compensation can be bought through Royal Mail for any shipping labels purchased from Royal Mail. Parcel insurance is also available through Shipsurance for USPS and FedEx shipping labels and through Canada Post for Canada Post shipping labels.

Royal Mail Compensation

Royal Mail offers inclusive compensation at different levels for all deliveries. When choosing the Royal Mail service, vendors are advised to check the compensation level is correct according to the value of the item being sent. Vendors are advised that Royal Mail exclusively handles all compensation claims for packages sent using Royal Mail labels.

Shipsurance Insurance

Vendors are able to buy parcel insurance from Shipsurance Insurance Services, Inc. for packages that are shipped using shipping labels from USPS or FedEx. If the vendor selects insurance from Shipsurance, they therefore agree to the Shipsurance Coverage Rules.

Canada Post Insurance

Vendors may buy parcel insurance from Canada Post for packages shipped using Canada Post shipping labels. Vendors are advised that Canada Post exclusively deals with insurance claims for packages sent using Canada Post labels.

Australia Post Insurance

Vendors are able to buy parcel insurance from Australia Post for packages that are shipped using Australia Post shipping labels. Vendors are advised that Australia Post exclusively handles any insurance claims in relation to packages sent using Australia Post labels.

4. Shipping Label Fees

The cost of a shipping label will depend on the package in question’s origin, destination, weight and dimensions. If the vendor adds further options such as signature confirmation, insurance, or Royal Mail parcel compensation, these will incur additional fees, which will be added to the total cost of the label at the point of purchase. Vendors are advised that any and all fees relating to USPS, FedEx, Canada Post, Royal Mail, and Australia Post shipping labels, Shipsurance, Canada Post parcel insurance, Royal Mail parcel compensation, and Australia Post parcel insurance will appear separately in their V-Bazaar Payment Account, specifying the name of the service provider and the shipping label number.

If the vendor buys Royal Mail shipping labels, the cost of each shipping label, taxes, and parcel compensation will appear separately in that vendor’s V-Bazaar Payment Account. When the vendor purchases a Royal Mail label, the associated fees will be shown in British Pounds (GBP). All final label charges will be listed in the V-Bazaar Payment Account in GBP.

Should the vendor buy Canada Post shipping labels, the cost of each shipping label, taxes, and parcel insurance will appear separately in that vendor’s V-Bazaar Payment Account. When a vendor purchases a Canada Post label, they are advised that fees will appear in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and US Dollars (USD) in the total cost summary. All final label charges will be listed in the V-Bazaar Payment Account in CAD.

If the vendor purchases Australia Post shipping labels, the cost of each shipping label, taxes, and parcel insurance will appear separately in that vendor’s V-Bazaar Payment Account. When the vendor buys an Australia Post label, the fees will be shown in Australian Dollars (AUD). All final label charges will be listed in the V-Bazaar Payment Account in AUD.

All users are advised to refer to V-Bazaar’s Fees and Payments Policy for further information.

V-Bazaar’s Requests for Information Policy

As a company, V-Bazaar aims for transparency and total consideration for its users. As such, the policy detailed hereinafter will explain how V-Bazaar responds to requests for records or information about its users.

All users are advised that this policy does not constitute legal advice or a promise that V-Bazaar will respond in a specific way or, indeed, at all. V-Bazaar reserves the right to deviate from the practices detailed herein at any time. This policy forms part of V-Bazaar’s overall Terms of Use. Users are advised that in using V-Bazaar or requesting information on V-Bazaar or its users, they thereby agree to this policy and the overall Terms of Use.

1. User Records and Information

Prior to contacting V-Bazaar for records or information, users should first see if the information being sought is publicly available or otherwise request the records directly from the V-Bazaar user in question.

Some information about V-Bazaar customers and vendors (collectively referred to in this policy as users) and vendors’ shop accounts on the V-Bazaar retail platform, such as that shop’s name, the name of the vendor as publicly displayed, and that shop’s policies, is publicly accessible and can be viewed by anyone at any time. Furthermore, V-Bazaar users may have access to certain records by logging in to their accounts. For example, vendors are able to access and download sales records in .csv format. All users can view their conversation history from V-Bazaar’s communication tool by navigating to the relevant pages in their V-Bazaar accounts.

For more information about the records V-Bazaar collects, users are advised to refer to V-Bazaar’s Privacy Policy.

2. Valid Legal Process(es) Required

Apart from emergency situations or when consistent with the V-Bazaar Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and in adherence with applicable law, V-Bazaar must have valid and sufficient legal process (e.g. subpoena or court order) to compel us to disclose records or information about an V-Bazaar member.

The legal process must contain sufficient identifying information in order for V-Bazaar to identify the user’s account. A common name, for example, does not uniquely identify a user’s account. The legal process should include information such as an email address, transaction ID, username, shop name or payment information.

3. Serving Legal Process to V-Bazaar to Request Access to Member Information

Prior to obtaining legal process and contacting V-Bazaar, users are advised to clarify the location of the user whose information is being sought. Requests for information relating to all V-Bazaar users should be directed to V-Bazaar’s head office.

Users are advised that all requests for user information must be made with valid and sufficient legal process. V-Bazaar may be able to expedite its review of the request if, alongside the provision of proper legal service, the user emails a copy to V-Bazaar’s legal department (give legal dept email address here). Ensure the legal service is indicated in the email’s subject line. Receiving legal process by these means is for V-Bazaar’s convenience only and users are advised that this does not waive any objections, including lack of jurisdiction, subpoena power or improper service.

As a UK-based company, V-Bazaar will consider user requests in accordance with applicable UK law, including but not limited to the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2018.

4. Definitive Emergency Circumstances

If a user’s request for information involves an emergency regarding a danger of death or serious physical injury to another V-Bazaar user or any member of the public, that user is compelled to contact their local police. If the user is a member of the police seeking information relating to such an emergency, they are advised to email V-Bazaar’s legal department at <<LEGAL DEPT EMAIL ADDRESS HERE>> from their official email address and provide the following information:

  • The user’s name and title, the emergency service and department/division they work for, and full contact details (official email address and phone number).
  • A summary of the facts about the emergency situation, including how said situation poses a danger of death or serious physical injury to a V-Bazaar user or member of the public.
  • The identity of the person or people to whom the risk has been posed.
  • The specific records the user is seeking and how they are relevant to the emergency situation.
  • Explanation as to why legal process cannot be acquired and why the information must be disclosed without delay.

5. Notice to the Member Whose Records Are Sought

In the event of V-Bazaar receiving legal process seeking records or information about a V-Bazaar user, the company may provide notice to that user, including a copy of the legal process. V-Bazaar may also afford the user enough time to appear and object to the legal process in court, if necessary.

6. Requests for Witness Testimony

Users are advised that V-Bazaar does not provide expert witnesses for trial or deposition under any circumstances. When the company produces records, it provides a standard records custodian declaration of authenticity. As such, the records are self-authenticating, so a live testimony by a records custodian is unnecessary.

7. Cost Reimbursement

Users are advised that V-Bazaar may seek reimbursement for any costs directly incurred to the company in searching for, assembling, collecting, and preparing records or information for production.

V-Bazaar’s Supplier Code of Conduct

V-Bazaar’s Terms of Use stipulates the standards for conducting business in a fashion that is ethical, lawful and responsible. In adherence with these standards, V-Bazaar has set down the Supplier Code of Conduct detailed hereinafter to ensure its suppliers are committed to those same principles.

Suppliers, their employees, agents, and subcontractors may enter into agreements with V-Bazaar to conduct business with the company or on behalf thereof. All suppliers and associated personnel are required to adhere to this Supplier Code of Conduct and all applicable laws and regulations. In rare circumstances, such agreements can still move forward if sufficient compensating controls in place to reasonably ensure legal compliance are identified by V-Bazaar. The company has an expectation that suppliers have strong corporate governance in place in order to support their adherence to this Code of Conduct. V-Bazaar reserves the right to audit a supplier upon reasonable notice to aid in confirming compliance with this Code of Conduct. V-Bazaar also reserves the right to discontinue a relationship with a supplier should they be found to be acting in an unlawful or violative manner in accordance with this Code of Conduct or any applicable policy upheld by V-Bazaar.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  • Anti-Corruption – Suppliers should never give or offer anything of value to gain an improper advantage. This includes but is not limited to dealings with government officials or the private sector. Suppliers must adhere to all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the United Kingdom Bribery Act of 2010 and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Antitrust – Suppliers should not participate in any anti-competitive conduct, including but not limited to the discussion or exchange of competitively sensitive information or agreement to geographic markets, customers or pricing with competitors. Suppliers must comply with all applicable antitrust and fair competition laws.
  • Trade – Suppliers must comply with all applicable import and export laws. They must also act in accordance with trade restrictions as upheld by the UK Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation (OFSI) and any other applicable trade restrictions.

Compliance with Ethics and Business Practices

  • Conflict of Interest – Suppliers are to avoid conflicts of interest or even the appearance of conflicts of interest under all circumstances. Furthermore, suppliers must not deal directly with any employee of V-Bazaar whose spouse, domestic partner or other relative has an interest in the supplier as an employee, partner, owner, investor, or similar roles, including negotiating the supplier contract.
  • Gifts and Hospitality – Suppliers must avoid giving gifts or providing lavish hospitality to employees of V-Bazaar. When offering a gift or hospitality to an employee of V-Bazaar, suppliers should exercise good judgement and make sure that gift or hospitality adheres to applicable laws and is consistent with local customs.
  • Insider Trading – Suppliers must not buy or sell V-Bazaar stock when in possession of material non-public information. Suppliers must also not pass on such information to any others, including friends or family.
  • Records Management – Suppliers must accurately record, maintain, and report financial and business information. They must also ensure adherence to all applicable laws and regulations regarding such information.
  • External Communications – Suppliers must not speak publicly on V-Bazaar’s behalf, unless otherwise authorised by V-Bazaar’s legal department.
  • Risk Management – Suppliers must implement their own internal policies, procedures, and controls to identify, address, and remediate risks addressed in this Code of Conduct and as required by applicable law.
  • Training and Communication – Suppliers must communicate this Code of Conduct to all associated employees or contractors who will be conducting business with V-Bazaar and who will be conducting training for employees, as necessary.

Labour Practices

  • Anti-harassment and Unlawful Discrimination – Suppliers must provide equal opportunity employment and maintain a work environment that promotes a culture of anti-discrimination, anti-violent harassment and anti-intimidation.
  • Human Rights – Suppliers must respect human rights, provide fair working conditions and prohibit labour that can be construed as forced or compulsory. Suppliers must also prohibit child labour under all circumstances.
  • Compensation – Suppliers must provide compensation (including overtime and benefits) that at a minimum, adheres to applicable UK law. Suppliers must pay their employees in a timely manner and provide documentation detailing the basis of their pay, i.e. payslip.
  • Parental Leave – Suppliers must adhere to all applicable laws pertaining to parental leave and offer paid benefits that are gender-inclusive when possible.
  • Freedom of Association – Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws relating to freedom of association and collective bargaining. Suppliers must not retaliate against any employee(s) who choose(s) to organise.

Environmental Protection

  • Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations – Suppliers must comply with all applicable laws for hazardous materials, air emissions, waste and wastewater discharges.
  • Ecological Footprint – Suppliers must conduct their business in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. This includes but is not limited to resource-efficient consumption of energy, water and other natural resources, minimisation of waste and diversion from landfills, and reduction of harmful chemical use.

Protection of Data, Intellectual Property, and Assets

  • Data Protection – Suppliers are required to protect confidential and proprietary information of V-Bazaar, its employees, users, and others with whom V-Bazaar associates in a business capacity. Information should not be disclosed by suppliers unless otherwise properly authorised and should only be used for legitimate business purposes. All information uses must be in adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, and governing contracts.
  • Protect V-Bazaar’s Intellectual Property and Assets – Suppliers are required to protect and use V-Bazaar’s intellectual property and tangible assets responsibly. V-Bazaar’s intellectual property (including but not limited to its name, logo and trademarks) and tangible assets should only be used for legitimate business purposes and only with V-Bazaar’s authorisation.

Reporting Concerns

If a supplier violates of this Code of Conduct in any way, they are required to notify V-Bazaar immediately.

V-Bazaar’s Trademark Policy

V-Bazaar supports and encourages all vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and globally conscious ideas, services, and tools that use and supplement its retail platform. However, V-Bazaar takes its reputation, its trademarks and its brand identity very seriously. Therefore, the Trademark Policy detailed hereinafter explains how to refer to V-Bazaar, its marks and its domain.

This policy forms part of V-Bazaar’s overall Terms of Use. In using V-Bazaar and its platform, the user hereby agrees to this policy and the overall Terms of Use. This policy only covers the use of V-Bazaar’s intellectual property (e.g. the use of the name “V-Bazaar”). For issues regarding any intellectual property not owned exclusively by V-Bazaar, users are advised to refer to V-Bazaar’s Intellectual Property Policy.

What is a Trademark?

V-Bazaar defines a trademark as a word, name, symbol or device (or a combination thereof) that identifies the goods or services of one person or company and makes them distinguishable from the goods and services of others. The name “V-Bazaar” and other V-Bazaar graphics, logos, designs, page headers, button icons, scripts and service names (collectively referred to as “the V-Bazaar Marks”) are registered trademarks, trademarks or trade dress of V-Bazaar in the UK and other countries.

Why must the company protect the V-Bazaar Marks?

V-Bazaar needs to assure Internet users and others that only the services offered, sponsored, or endorsed on its platform and domain actually bear the V-Bazaar Marks. Trademark law requires that V-Bazaar not only protect against improper use of the V-Bazaar Marks, but also protect against the use of marks that are confusingly similar.

Using the V-Bazaar Marks

The company supports and encourages the use of the V-Bazaar Marks in the following ways:

  • Fair Use – V-Bazaar supports and advocates free speech. Internet users do not need permission to make legitimate commentary about V-Bazaar or its platform or domain, e.g. a user can broadcast or advertise that they sell on V-Bazaar.
  • A user may distinguish the V-Bazaar Marks from surrounding text, e.g. capitalising the first letter of the V-Bazaar Marks.
  • A user should spell the V-Bazaar Marks properly.

The company does not allow the V-Bazaar Marks to be used in the following ways:

  • A user may not incorporate the V-Bazaar Marks or a confusingly similar mark into their own intellectual property, e.g. the name of a business, organisation, non-profit organisation, event or trademark.
  • A user may not remove, alter, distort or modify the V-Bazaar Marks. This includes creating new words by adding other terms to the V-Bazaar Marks.
  • Using the V-Bazaar Marks or marks that are confusingly similar in a way that gives false implication of a relationship or affiliation with, sponsorship, or endorsement by V-Bazaar. The V-Bazaar Marks or confusingly similar marks may also not be used in ways that can be reasonably interpreted to suggest information comes from or represents the views or opinions of V-Bazaar or an employee thereof.
  • Using the V-Bazaar Marks in a product without prior, written permission from V-Bazaar.
  • Using any trademarks, service marks, trade dress, designs or logos that are confusingly similar to the V-Bazaar Marks or the look and feel of the V-Bazaar website.
  • Using the V-Bazaar Marks in any way or on any website that contains or promotes anti-vegan content, adult content, gambling or otherwise violates applicable law or regulation.
  • Using the V-Bazaar Marks in a way that is regarded solely by V-Bazaar to be misleading, unfair, defamatory, infringing, libellous, disparaging, tarnishing, obscene or otherwise objectionable to V-Bazaar.

V-Bazaar’s Cookies and Similar Technologies Policy

V-Bazaar recognises the importance of users’ understanding as to how cookies and other similar technologies are used by the company and its affiliates. Such technologies help V-Bazaar to function, enable the company to understand how users use the platform, and have a number of purposes outside of advertising that can be read about in the policy detailed hereinafter.

1. Types of Cookie Technologies


Cookies are defined by V-Bazaar to be small data files sent from a server to a user’s web browser. They are stored in a user’s browser’s cache and enable a website or a third party to recognise that browser. Cookies are classed in three primary types, which are detailed as follows:

Session cookies, which are specific to a particular visit to a website and carry information as the user views different pages. This is so the user doesn’t have to re-enter information every time they change page or attempt to checkout. Session cookies expire and automatically delete themselves after a short period of time, e.g. after the user leaves the site or closes their web browser.

Persistent cookies are able to remember certain information about a user’s preferences for viewing the site. They enable V-Bazaar to recognise a user each time they return to the site. Persistent cookies are stored in a browser cache until the user chooses to delete them, and otherwise generally delete themselves once they expire.

Third-party cookies, as the name implies, are placed by a party external to V-Bazaar. They may gather browsing activity across multiple websites and across multiple sessions. Third-party cookies are classed as a type of persistent cookie and are stored until the user deletes them or they expire, depending on the time period set in each one.

Cookies store data about the user’s activity, but they are helpful as they enable V-Bazaar to function more efficiently and allow the company to customise the user’s experience. Users can configure their desktop or mobile browser’s settings to reflect their preference to accept or reject cookies. This includes handling third-party cookies (for more information, users should refer to Section entitled Managing Your Cookie Technology Preferences).

Other Technologies

As well as cookies, V-Bazaar and other sites use other similar technologies, as outlined below.

Web beacons – Tiny graphics that are sometimes referred to as Clear GIFs or Web Pixels. These have unique identifiers used to understand browsing activity. Unlike cookies, which are stored on a user’s computer hard drive, web beacons are rendered invisibly on web pages when a user opens a page.

Social widgets – Buttons or icons provided by third-party social media channels, which enable users to interact with those social media services when viewing a web page. These may collect browsing data, which may be received by the third party providing the widget and are controlled by that third party.

UTM codes – Strings that may be found in a URL (i.e. the http or https address entered to go to a web page) when a user moves from one web page or website to another. The string can represent information about the user’s browsing activity, e.g. which advert, page, or publisher sent the user in question to the receiving site.

Local Storage Objects (a.k.a. Flash Cookies) – sets of data that the site or app can store on the user’s browser. These may be used to maintain preferences, record usage history, or even maintain the state or settings of a website.

2. Purposes

V-Bazaar uses Cookie Technologies to recognise a user’s logged-in state on the platform. This is done in order to better understand a user’s interests, which helps the company make the V-Bazaar site function for each user on a personal level and improve the overall user experience. In a more general capacity, V-Bazaar uses Cookie Technologies for the following purposes:

Security and Authentication

Some cookie and similar technologies operate in ways that are strictly necessary to make sure V-Bazaar works properly for all its users, e.g. maintaining the platform’s security, safety, and integrity; authentication and signing into the website (including remembering permissions and consents granted by the user) and ensuring transactions can be completed securely.

Account and User Preferences

There are some technologies that V-Bazaar uses to remember users’ accounts and preferences over time. This includes keeping a user signed in when returning to the V-Bazaar website, maintaining the preferences a user has chosen on website features, plus how each user wants V-Bazaar to appear (e.g. the user’s selected country and language settings). With these technologies, V-Bazaar can customise content for each user based on their activity on the platform.

Social Networks

Some technologies help the user to interact with social media channels that they are signed into while also using V-Bazaar’s platform. This includes sharing content with those social media accounts, logging in with the social media platforms, plus other features the user employs with those social media channels, or that are permitted in accordance with those social networks’ privacy policies. The user is advised that these technologies may be set and controlled by the social media channels themselves.

Social media channels may also work with V-Bazaar or directly with users for analytics or for marketing purposes, as discussed below. Users may be able to manage their privacy preferences for these channels and associated tools and widgets by way of their accounts with those social networks.

Performance and Analytics

Some technologies help provide performance data on how V-Bazaar and its platform are operating to help staff make the necessary improvements. This includes collecting data on site functionality and speed to help V-Bazaar staff optimise the website; how the platform is used to help improve the user experience; plus detecting and gathering reporting on bugs to improve V-Bazaar site performance.

V-Bazaar also uses Google Analytics to help understand how the platform is used by its community. Where necessary, data from Google Analytics may be combined with V-Bazaar’s first-party data and third-party cookies (such as Google’s advertising cookies) for some of the advertising features listed below. Users are advised to refer to the Opt-Out part of this policy (under Section 3) to learn how to opt-out of Google Analytics Advertising Features.

Marketing Services

V-Bazaar associates with third-party service providers that may use a number of Cookie Technologies to allow us and them to learn about which adverts users see and click when visiting V-Bazaar, or to show ads to users both on and off V-Bazaar. Such technologies include:

  • Frequency Capping – this limits the number of times a user’s browser displays the same advert.
  • Attribution Tracking – this estimates the advertising or marketing source that directed a user to V-Bazaar. Attribution tracking can also determine the marketing source that led to actions like a visit to the website or a purchase being made.
  • Remarketing/Retargeting – these show relevant adverts to an audience based on their prior shopping and browsing activity and trends on V-Bazaar.
  • Audience Targeting – this is targeting advertisements to a large audience based on known or inferred demographics attributed to that audience.
  • Cross-device Recognition – as the name may imply, this recognises activity across multiple devices or browsers.

Some third-party service providers may give V-Bazaar information such as demographics, cross-device information, or interest categories from several sources that, while not identifying the user personally or directly, enable the company to provide its users with more relevant and useful advertising. There may be instances where such information may be used for non-marketing performance analytics too.

These technologies allow an associate third party to recognise a user’s computer or mobile device each time they visit V-Bazaar or other websites and mobile applications, based on data such as a cookie, IP address, or device ID. However, they are not permitted access to other personal information from V-Bazaar. These technologies may allow V-Bazaar or a third party to recognise the user, from either a single or across multiple devices over time. Such third parties must adhere to all applicable laws, self-regulatory programmes, and V-Bazaar’s data protection rules. However, users are advised that V-Bazaar does not have control over these third parties, who have their own respective policies and practices relating to privacy. V-Bazaar adheres to the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance’s (EDAA) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioural Advertising.

3. Consent, Contract, and Legitimate Interests in Processing

There are particular Cookie Technologies that V-Bazaar uses to make the platform operate as intended. They are provided based on contractual necessity, based on the user’s agreement with V-Bazaar to perform the services they have requested. These include the functions strictly necessary to the service noted above.

By choosing to use V-Bazaar following full notification of the company’s use of Cookie Technologies in the ways aforesaid in this policy, and through notice and unambiguous acknowledgement of the user’s consent, the user hereby submits that they agree to such use.

Managing Cookie Technologies

Users are able to control the use of certain Cookie Technologies, which can be managed under the V-Bazaar marketing preferences under the user’s account settings options.

Opt-in and Opt-out on Browsers

Further to this, when V-Bazaar is used by way of a browser, users can change their web browser’s settings to reflect their cookie preferences. Each browser differs here and there, but usually such settings are listed under the ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ menu.

Opt-out of Third-Party Networks

Should the user not wish to have this information used for the purpose of serving interest-based advertisements, that user has the right to decline receipt of interest-based adverts through EDAA’s preferences manager. Users are advised that this declination does not stop them from being served advertisements. They will still receive generic advertisements. Should a user reject or block all cookies in their browser settings, they will be unable to take advantage of V-Bazaar and its platform, since some cookies are required for the website to operate fully and properly.

Google Analytics Opt-out

Regarding Google Analytics Advertising Features, users are able opt-out via Google Ads Settings. Google also provides a web-based Google Analytics opt-out plug-in.

Third-Party Tools

Several third parties provide browser plug-ins and apps that can provide users information on third-party cookies, as well as limiting or blocking such cookies, plus web beacons and some Javascript-based technologies. Users are advised that V-Bazaar cannot vouch for any particular third-party product’s efficacy.


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