Being Vegan » Our Story

Once upon a time there were two men, who worked together.
One was Vegan. One was not.
being vegan

But they would discuss with one another lots of things – ranging from Veganism, the universe, food habits and all of life’s outlooks. Fast forward six years and now both men are firmly vegan.

But in all that time they still couldn’t find a definitive resource, which could help them find the necessary information about what foods to eat, or what clothes to wear without causing pain and harm to Earthlings.

Both men discussed this in great depth and come to the same conclusion – there must be a central place for such information! A place where Vegans can source mainstream products. So they make a conscious decision to do something about this and Vbazaar was born!

Transitioning to a vegan lifestyle » Being Vegan The Birth Of Vbazaar

Check our the key milestones that helped us to launch Vbazaar, bringing you globally conscious, cruelty-free online marketplace it is today.

Aug 2017

The idea of a globally
conscious marketplace for
all Vegans is born

Dec 2017

The Vbazaar company
was formed

Jul 2018

The brand
was created

Aug 2018

Personal investment from
our founders is
made to create
a Vbazaar brand identity

Jan 2019

Vbazaar Online Marketplace
Development takes place

Aug 2020

Vbazaar Online marketplace
experiences its soft

Nov 2020

Vbazaar Online Marketplace
goes live with
existing vendors, for
global customers

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