Nike’s new vegan trainers

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Leave everyone else for dust with these rather amazing Nike Vegan Trainers

With more and more people becoming aware of the benefits of veganism, not only for themselves for their planet too, it comes as no surprise that big name brands are getting on board.

We have seen plenty of vegan alternatives being developed by a wealth of businesses, all of which are just as high quality, just as stylish and just as functional as their non-vegan counterparts.

One of the most recent additions to this in the business world is Nike.

The Maharishi x Nike Air Max 90

In order to keep up with the modern world, as well as their growing audience of vegans, Nike decided that the time had come to make giant leaps in their own vegan items. As well as items that are kinder to the environment as a whole.

What better way to do this then to reinvent an old classic in the form of the Air Max 90s and give them an entirely modern makeover?

Nike decided to team up with clothing brand Maharishi in order to celebrate their opening of a New York City Tribeca neighbourhood store. In order to do this, the decision was made that they wanted to use this as a chance to launch a brand new Nike Vegan Trainers, a remake of an old classic.

Rather than being manufactured from the more usual materials, these Air Max 90s are made from sustainable materials. They feature recycled foam, organic cotton and even more impressive upcycled sawdust, yes, that’s right. These trainers are made from sawdust!

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How Nike Vegan Trainers are made?

So, how does this happen? How can they transform sawdust (amongst the other materials) into a trainer that even those who are not vegan are going to want to wear? Well, the upper is made from organic cotton, which is then dyed naturally in the trademark Maharishi colour “Maha Olive” this shade is achieved by using turmeric and pomegranate.

The outer soles of the trainers are then made from Nike Grind, which is their own sustainable and recycled materials that they then form to make the soles. The main materials are taken from recycled athletic footwear as well as manufacturing scraps.

So, where does the sawdust come in? Well, none other than the famous Nike logo. In order to make the checkmark that has become instantly recognisable around the world, all it takes is a few shipping palettes. These palletes are ground down to make sawdust which is then used to create the tick and any other details on the shoe too. It is this finishing touch that makes the trainers have a rather different woodgrain effect. We are rather impressed by the steps taken by Nike in order to meet the needs of their vegan clientele and we hope that in the future we will see more big name brands thinking of new and inventive ways to offer their items to a whole new audience.

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