Seaspiracy – A wake up call for those who want to help changing the planet into a better place to live.

The film comes from the co-creators of Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret which was released in 2014 and investigated the impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

We saw this new documentary that reveals the hugely damaging impact of commercial fishing, and here are our considerations and why you should watch it!


Seaspiracy tells the drama of bycatch

Animals unintentionally caught in fishing nets, nearly equal the number of fish caught purposely. Often the bycatch is dead and thrown back into the sea. It can be anything from dolphins to seals to seabirds to sharks. It’s suggested that over 50 million animals fall victim to fishing nets annually. This has a massive knock-on effect on the food chain.

Seaspiracy: Whose fault is plastic waste in the ocean?

Director Ali Tabrizi tackles in Seaspiracy one of the hottest topics of our time, the pollution of seas and oceans caused by plastic. All of us in recent years have recognized the urgency of reducing our plastic consumption given the very serious environmental impact that this has on marine ecosystems (and not only).

We have also seen very large companies give up “disposable” – all plastic devices such as straws, glasses or plates, which are only used once and then disposed of, and which contribute to the pollution of the oceans.

But, did you know plastic straws account for less than 1% of the plastic in our ocean?

One of the shocking findings of the Seaspiracy director is that over 46% of the plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch – the world’s largest accumulation of floating plastic and microplastics, located in the Pacific Ocean – is made up of fishing nets.


Our efforts focus on eliminating the use of plastic straws, which account for 0.03% of plastic in the ocean, but few realities suggest giving up or reducing the consumption of fish to reduce the use of plastic gear in commercial fishing
and their relative pollution.

Billions of animals living in the sea are dying right now, victims of intensive fishing.
Fish, mammals, seabirds, and with them also die ecosystems, destroyed by the loss of biodiversity, but also by the fishing industries.
What the documentary Seaspiracy certainly shows us is that we have to put an end to all this now, and we have to do it for the sake of fish, sensitive animals, intelligent and too often considered as “B” series compared to others.

We have to do it for our planet that cannot survive without healthy seas and oceans, and we have to do it for ourselves if we want to continue living on this planet. Each of us has the power to do something about it: every day you have the power to choose not to finance this industry, to leave the suffering of fish, of the seas off your plate.

Believing that documentaries have the power to inspire the change, we’ve sifted through the streaming platforms to find the best vegan documentaries that could inspire you to change yourself, and maybe the world, for the better.
Check it out!

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