Best way to wrap presents | 5 ideas
for zero-waste gift wrapping

Vegan Wrapping

The Festive Season is here and you may want to know what’s the best way to wrap your presents without creating a lot of trash.

Christmas is such a wonderful time of year for all who celebrate. Unfortunately, gift wrapping is one of the most wasteful parts of this holiday season, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Searching for more eco-friendly ways to wrap that special something is the holiday
trend for 2020 and honestly, we are all for it!

What’re the best ways to wrap presents that won't cost the earth?

I Tested These 5 Eco-Friendly Gift Wrap Ideas. Here Are My Favorites!
1. Fabric

Vegan Wrapping

About 5 years ago, my mother decided to wrap all the Christmas gifts she was giving in fabric. Honestly, it was so surprisingly nice to see how everyone actually appreciated it.

All you need is a lot of creativity! You can create a beautifully crafted gift simply by using cute fabrics or a chic scarf that your most fashionable friend will adore.

Did you know that the Japanese made this technique an art? It’s called Furoshiki. This traditional art of wrapping can even help you dress up a bottle of wine or cooking oil for your foodie friends.
Who wouldn’t be happy to get two gifts in one?

2. Calendars

Gift Wrapping

Christmas is only 6 days from the end of the year.
Why not avoid wasting and use your calendar as wrapping paper instead of throwing it away?
You could also use the month of your friend or families birthday to wrap their gift in a truly personalized packaging!
Save paper, save money and save the planet!

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3. Glass Jars

Vegan Wrapping

There are so many ways to wrap sustainably and with style!
If you’re like me too I’m sure you’ll have plenty of jars lying around your house.
Why not use it to beautifully present your gifts this Christmas?
Simply fill it with homemade sweets and you’re set to go!
You can dress up the jar with some old fabric or ribbon, and the recipient can reuse the jar instead of tossing a bag in the trash.
It’s a real win-win!

4. Reusable Shopping Bags

Christmas Bags

This eco-friendly reusable wrapping idea is the ultimate waste free solution.
A bag that can also double as a gift.
If you’re looking for a giving-gift that has minimum impact on mother earth, whilst offering the ultimate wow factor, there are so many amazing brands that create beautifully designed shopping bags for all occasions!

5. Newspapers

Vegan Wrapping

Do you need a last-minute wrapping paper?
There is something that you can easily find at home or work: a newspaper!
Give new life to a material that usually finds its way to the trash just as quickly as
store-bought wrapping paper.
You can also use magazines, old books, vintage maps or sheet music to wrap your gifts.
It may be more appealing to just buy the pretty, sparkling wrapping paper that you see in the supermarket, but being eco friendly is much more important than the aesthetic of your gift…

It’s all about what’s inside after all, right?

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