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Being vegan was originally thought of as a real challenge and an extremely difficult commitment.

Today, there is so many vegan options that adopting a sustainable lifestyle can be an easy and practical decision.

In addition, shopping online makes things even easier if you know where to look and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your door!

Whether you’re a long term vegan or giving it a go, here’s our pick of online
shops to suit all your vegan needs!

Shop vegan food online

If you’ve ever tried to zoom in your computer screen 200% to read the ingredients on something you’re shopping for online to make sure it’s vegan … this post is for you.
It can be difficult trying to make sure everything you buy is vegan when you’re shopping online. Luckily, we have you covered.
With regard to food, if you are looking for something a bit more upmarket, make it Yumbles!
They have a whole vegan section selling plant-based foods, drinks and treats crafted by independent and artisan makers.
I love their box of vegan Fudge which I get every month, it’s packed full of delicious desserts that melt in the mouth.

For everything else … there’s Vbazaar!

We are focused on expanding and building our online marketplace and community, to encourage shoppers to purchase globally conscious products from a huge range of high-quality items, all carefully sourced and convenient to
We offer everything from ethical men’s clothing and CBD chocolate to vegan skincare, cosmetics, home and garden, essentials and much, much more!

Sports & Nutrition

Vegan and vegetarian diets can be hugely beneficial for your health; however, it’s still important to think about exactly what nutrients you need and where you’re getting them from.

Explore our wide selection of vitamins and supplements and buy for your specific needs.
Shop here.

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Hygiene & Beauty

Shop with confidence and explore a wide range of vegan health and beauty products from the world’s kindest brands.

Buy natural, organic body care and makeup products, hair care, dental care, and much more!
Check it out.

Shoes & Fabric

Vbazaar has you covered whatever shoes or fabric you’re looking for. Whether you’re searching for luxury fashion pieces or affordable shoes and accessories, check our collection and join the sustainability revolution.

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