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Best vegan beauty products you need to try

Vegan beauty producers – skincare and makeup – are unanimous: the vegan philosophy has not only arrived on our tables, but has also become part of the world of cosmetics where it aims to increase the sensitivity to products without ingredients of animal origin and derivation.
A further step forward after the introduction of cruelty-free products and ingredients.

According to a survey conducted by the online retail platform Cosmetify, 49% of women, when buying beauty products, would choose a vegan product. There is now, in fact, greater public awareness of what is consumed, from food to cosmetics. On Instagram, the hashtag #vegan has more than 109M posts!

Beauty travels in vegan direction

Today, as we said, even the giants of beauty are increasingly converted to vegan philosophy in line with market demands. Urban Decay, for example, already has 71 vegan products in its line-up. Avon, the historic American brand of cosmetics, perfumes and jewellery, has introduced an entire line of vegan skincare. And so on for so many other famous brands.

Vegan beauty: the best ethical products to try on Vbazaar

vegan beauty

1. Rose & Ylang Ylang hair oil- Grow long or go home | Made by Naavi

Love natural hair oils but hate the smell?
All Naavi hair oils are beautifully perfumed with potent essential oils that areproven strengthen and nourish hair. You will love this!

2. Clearly SOFT SENSITIVE, Gentle Face and Body Oil | Made by Isabella's Clearly

Must-have for make-up and skincare, this face and body oil is a cosmetic product with a thousand benefits.

3. Regenerating & Brightening Rich Cream | Sold by Enphasis Skincare

Forget all other lotions and potions! This award-winning luxurious moisturiser delivers soft and dewy skin all day long.

Green Corrector Mineral Concealer | Sold by Honeypie Minerals

GOLD WINNER of The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2019 and 2020. 100% natural, vegan-friendly and cruelty-free makeup. Works beautifully!

Coconut Bliss Nourishing Body Lotion with Coconut Oil | LEAF & JOY

When it comes to self-care, no routine is complete without a good body moisturizer. Let your mind drift away to a tropical island with this amazing body lotion!

Well, you really are spoilt for choice!
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