Fabulously unique ethically made leggings and sports bras from VEOM

ethically made

Welcoming VEOM

Whether you are a life-long vegan, or just transitioning into a plant-based lifestyle, you will love those fantastic ethically made leggings and sports bras.
We are very proud to introduce a new vendor that is going to sell amazing activewear in our globally conscious cruelty-free & vegan online marketplace.

Beauty meets sustainability: ethically made leggings and sports bras

Finding sustainable, entirely eco-friendly leggings isn’t as easy as you’d think. That’s where VEOM comes in.
VEOM is a unique activewear line that spreads a positive message about a plant-based lifestyle. VEOM collection represents a way of engaging with the fitness world, raising awareness and spreading a sustainable and cruelty-free movement in a unique way.
An exciting innovation in ethically made leggings and sports bras.

ethically made

Much like us, VEOM loves our planet & they’re mindful of the impact we are making by using recycled materials.
The fabric is entirely ethical because it’s made from recycled plastic that comes from the ocean.
It’s also vegan-friendly. So, not only do you feel remarkable comfort, you are doing your little bit extra to help save the planet!
A collection of outstanding performance leggings that look great and are completely environmentally friendly!
Breathable, incredibly soft, and durable.

Why It’s so important?

An estimated 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean annually. Most of it is plastic that is killing off marine life and polluting a once healthy, thriving ecosystem.
As landfills continue to reach capacity, more are created, taking over valuable forests and wetlands.
Since plastics are indestructible, it’s vital that we find ways to reuse them giving those plastics a second life.
There’s no compromise on style, performance or sustainability!

VEOM : What’s their mission

Great looking, performance clothing doesn’t have to be manufactured at the expense of the planet we live in.
VEOM strongly believe that the only way to conduct business in modern times is in an ethical manner.
They also believe that the whole supply chain must be sustainable, from initial design right through to shipment and even beyond.

Do you want to know how they do all this?

VEOM is an environmentally responsible brand, they make sure high ethical standards are always met, throughout the process from choosing their fabric producers through to delivery to your doorstep so your leggings arrive in environmentally friendly packaging, using sustainable fulfilment and distribution.

Ready for something truly revolutionary?
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