Vegan Leather: What It Is & where to shop vegan leather fashion?

Vegan Leather

What is vegan leather and what is made of ? Vegan leather is an alternative to animal leather, obtained from plant sources.

Sustainability is such a popular topic, as well as the proper treatment of all animals. Vegan leather offers options for materials that consider these needs
while also being durable and looking great.

Many companies in recent years have invested in the production of vegetable leather, offering several viable alternatives to animal leather. For example, artificial leather can be made from apples, mushrooms, or soy. Don’t you think it’s amazing that common fruit can be turned into materials that can be used in place of leather?

Today it is possible to make artificial leather using materials of natural origin, thanks to innovative production processes, often deriving from processing
waste. It is manufactured to look and perform similar to natural leather while being made from substances that do not come from animals.

Depending on which material it has been made out of consumers may not even be able to tell the difference! There are plenty of great brands creating innovative products with eco-friendly, animal-friendly, vegan leather! From using pineapple leaves and cactus skin to create the look and feel of leather to where you can find your own products to fall in love with – this is the ultimate guide to vegan leather.

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Vbazaar favourite vegan brands To Invest In Right Now!

Time to check out some of the best vegan fashion designers right now. Let me introduce you to some of the best designers creating with vegan leather
and their amazing products!

Here you’ll find anything made from artificial leather, from jacket to bags and shoes, and other vegan leather wardrobe-essentials

Gunas New York: Vegan leather handbags

Vegan Leather Bags

Handbags Never Looked this Good!!!

If you have been inspired to invest in a new item or buy a loved one a vegan present here is a list of vegan leather bags for your ethical wardrobe.

2. Nanushka – Vegan puffer jacket.

Vegan Leather Jacket


Toughen up and cover-up in this black Hide artificial leather puffer jacket from Nanushka.

Designed in Budapest and produced in Europe, Nanushka’s vegan leather jackets will fill you up with effervescent confidence and subtle femininity.

3. Vegan Shoes Italy - Women’s Amphibious Shoes

Vegan Leather Shoes


More than a brand, Vegan Shoes Italy creates vegan luxury pieces with savoirfaire and unmatched excellence.

On Vbazaar they have a huge sale section showing off their fantastic range of Vegan Shoes. Take a look!

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