Asda launches first vegan butcher counter.

Vegan Butcher

Interest in Veganism Hits All-Time High in 2020 - Asda launches first vegan butcher counter.

The new trend of vegan butchers is exploding all over the world, spreading not only a sustainable food alternative but also an ethical message. The increasingly popular meat-free butcher shops are proof of how much the food market is expanding to new unexpected commercial directions.

If until some time ago it might seem completely improbable to think of a vegan butcher shop, this new food concept is now a consolidated reality, appreciated not only by those who follow a diet without animal products but also by those who want to experiment with new flavours, reduce meat consumption or pursue a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

From the Netherlands to the rest of the world, vegan butchers have gradually established themselves as a healthy, natural and 100% vegetable alternative to the usual butcher shops.

Asda has announced it will trial a vegan butcher concept at its Watford store, in a bid to further boost its plant-based credentials.

Vegan Curry

According to findings from NatCen’s British Social Attitudes survey, three out of ten people in the United Kingdom claim to have reduced their meat consumption in the last year.
“The demand for vegan products is on the rise and we have seen a surge in people seeking out ways to easily enjoy a plant-based lifestyle,” said Asda’s chief strategy officer Preyash Thakrar.

Not surprisingly, Asda decided to take advantage of this new market trend by opening a new vegan butcher counter called Veelicious.
In partnership with vegan concept creator Kbox Global, the counter opens as a six-month trial to coincide with Veganuary.
Mimicking the style of a typical in-store butcher, Veelicious is home to an array of innovative mock meats including meat-free lamb and black pudding.

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Salima Vellani, founder and CEO of Kbox Global, said: “Our partnership with Asda to launch the UK’s first vegan butcher is an exciting joint venture that recognises the growing demand for plant-based brands, from meat-eaters and vegans alike.”
“Veganism is now a mainstream, healthy and environmentally sustainable way for anyone to eat. We are pleased to be working with one of the country’s leading supermarkets to give consumers more of what they are asking for.”

For Veganuary 2021 Asda has been expanding its plant-based range to meet the growing demand for vegan food products.

As well as launching its vegan butcher trial, this Veganuary Asda has added 22 brand new chilled and frozen products into its existing vegan range. Perhaps most excitingly, Asda will launch its own-brand vegan bacon – so even vegans can treat themselves to a bacon roll this Veganuary.

New products joining the range also feature many more meat alternatives, including Vegan Roast Chicken Pieces, Vegan Chicken Nuggets, Vegan Beef Strips, and Soya Mince.

Cooking without animal-based products has never been easier!

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