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As cruelty-free & Vegan online marketplace we are always looking for carefully chosen, like-minded affiliates who share our vision for a safer, healthier, more
sustainable world.
Today, we are very excited about introducing Provilan probiotic cleaning and animal care products into our globally conscious online marketplace.

About Ingenious Probiotics - The mission


The Ingenious story originally began in the world of air conditioning. Their flagship product eliminated problematic draughts, provided unprecedented
thermal comfort and cleaned the air of viruses, bacteria and pollution. They won awards, but it wasn’t enough. Meanwhile, the world was changing and the rise of
drug-resistant infections was becoming a pressing concern. In other words, bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi were beginning to resist drugs that used to work.  As a result, once
treatable infections were becoming dangerous again.

Why is antimicrobial resistance a global concern?

New resistance mechanisms are emerging and spreading globally, threatening our ability to treat common infectious diseases and resulting in prolonged illness, disability and death. That is to say, without effective antimicrobials for prevention and treatment of infections, medical procedures such as organ transplantation, cancer chemotherapy,
diabetes management and major surgery (for example, caesarean sections or hip replacements) become very high-risk.

In fact, every single year, 25,000 Europeans are dying because of antimicrobial resistance; And without direct action on a massive scale, things will only get worse.

In Luxembourg, there was a company who shared their vision for a healthier world.
This company was the Probiotic Group. With a team of industry-leading scientists, they use the power of helpful bacteria called probiotics to develop a comprehensive and adaptive range of care and cleaning products that create a healthy and balanced microscopic environment or microbiome.  

As one of Europe’s leading experts in their field, Probiotic Group are at the forefront of the battle against the ever-evolving dangers that resistant infections – and impairment of our natural eco-system – pose to human and animal health.
Their partnership is testimony to our joint belief that people, animals and the environment can enjoy a better quality of life.

Ingenious Probiotics animal care & hygiene products

Animal Probiotics

If you love animals, you want the best for them. Ingenious Probiotics supply a large range of products, including those designed for pets, horses and larger farm animals.
The beauty of their probiotics products is that they help animals in a natural, safe and healthy way.
In particular, they help the prevention of bacterial infections and can reduce the requirement for antibiotics. All products are vegan and cruelty-free, with no pollutants, chemicals or toxins.

Take a full look at the full range of animal/pet care products here.

Looking for a kinder way to clean your home?

When it comes to doing things right that doesn’t just include our cleaning results.
We’re proud to be pioneers of animal-friendly household cleaning products. All Provilan products are sustainable and bio-degradable and PETA-certified as animal cruelty-free.
Containers are recyclable and made using ocean recycled plastic.
The company assure their products are good for the environment and are safe for people and pets.
We can thoroughly recommend the Probiotic Home Interior Cleaner Spray, it smells delicious (seriously, you’ll be looking for excuses to wipe your kitchen sides!)

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