Kalentin – New to Vbazaar


Here at Vbazaar we are loving the newest vendors to sign up and start selling their amazing products…….                We have Kalentin who have a range of eyelash and eyebrow tint, they stock five different shades.                          The Vegan tints are cruelty free with plant alternative ingredients used to replace beeswax and ammonia free.

Kalentin has evolved to become a leader in the lash industry, they are a brand at the forefront of innovation and sustainability – providing lash techs with excellent products and working every day to make your lash treatments ‘easier and more sustainable’.


They are a brand that is clearly defined by its constant strive for innovation. they design every product with clients in mind, continually asking ‘how we can improve and simplify their experience’? Their patented Genie tool and vegan lash lift kit are only some of the latest innovative products.

Kalentin want the beauty industry to be better equipped at offering treatments that are both effective and sustainable. Their aim is to offer beauty salons products that have less plastic, create less waste and are animal-friendly. Examples of sustainable products created: – Vegan lash lift system and vegan tints free from Beeswax – Reusable & sanitisable silicon pads – New flat lash range and lash disposables in paper packaging.


Kalentins formulas are the result of years of advancements. Always researching and improving their formulas until they reach exceptional results. Their Italian laboratory and team of chemists are dedicated in creating products that are both effective and safe – combining great results with integrity.

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