Best Vegan Household Cleaning Products

Vegan Cleaning Products

Veganism has seen exponential growth in recent years.
What was once dismissed as a fad, or an extreme choice, is now a mainstream trend.

What started with diet and eating habits has today become the talk of every household.
Today, people are trying to adopt veganism is not just in what they eat but in things they use every day. This is evolving in the direction of an increasingly cruelty-free production by the main established brands.

Thankfully, as with food, there is a vegan option for everything. From fashion to cosmetics, home furnishings to car interiors and cleaning products.

Here at Vbazaar, we have listed some of the best cruelty-free and vegan household products that you can comfortably use every day without a worry.

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EVAA+ Probiotic Floor Cleaner

Vegan Cleaning Products

Looking for a kinder way to clean your home?

EVAA+ Green Floor Cleaner is a highly effective, eco-friendly and safer alternative to traditional synthetic and chemical floor cleaners. It is enriched with beneficial ‘good’ (probiotic) bacteria, naturally sourced from

The helpful probiotics clean more than visible dirt: they inhibit the harmful bacteria that cause infections without causing them to mutate or develop resistance.

This helps reduce the risk of common bacterial infections – including E. coli, Campylobacter and Staphylococcus aureus.

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EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner 1L

Vegan Cleaning Products

EVAA+ Probiotic Universal Cleaner is safe for cleaning operatives and the environment.

All ingredients are naturally sourced, chemical-free, non-polluting, nonirritating, hypoallergenic and quickly biodegradable.

This cruelty-free cleaning solution is highly popular for its pleasant smell that is enough to attract any cleanliness freak.
Yet, it is vegan, free from chemicals and kind to animals – and effective against the Coronavirus.

The brand produces a large number of all-purpose cleaners that are effective in cleaning any kind of stains at home.

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EVAA+ Green Dish Soap by Ingenious Probiotics

Vegan Cleaning Products

EVAA+ Green Dish Soap is an eco-friendly washing up liquid that is specially designed for deep cleaning dishes. It is enriched with beneficial ‘good’ bacteria, naturally sourced from plants.

The solutions are made with natural orange and pomegranate aroma, making your home look and smell like you hired a professional cleaner wearing the most attractive perfume.

Being vegan is a great choice and if it can extend beyond your plate, all the better.

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