Best new vegan food products in Uk

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Looking for the best new vegan products in 2021? From chocolate ice creams to delicious plant-based milk, we’ve got the lowdown on the vegan products you need to try right now.

We have already talked about how the interest in veganism is growing. What was once dismissed as a fad, or an extreme choice of apparently giving up tasty food, is now a mainstream trend.

It’s quickly becoming common knowledge that one of the best ways to reduce the environmental impact and live a more sustainable life is to reduce or cut out meat consumption.

Especially in the UK, the plant-based diet is a trend that is affecting more and more people. Even if committing 100% to veganism isn’t on the table, there’s been a rapid growth in high-quality vegan food products in recent years.
In 2021, each of the country’s major supermarket chains offers a wide selection of animal-free products on the shelves, recreating popular dishes like icecreams, pizzas and burgers with vegan-friendly ingredients.

If you’re new to the vegan lifestyle, or you’re just looking to try more meatless products, here’s our pick of the best new vegan products in UK stores right now.

The best vegan food products you should make sure to stock your fridge with


Just Egg Vegan

One of the most challenging product for vegans that actually taste like eggs!

Made from 100% plant-based proteins like mung beans, as well as other vegetables and seasonings like turmeric and carrots to add flavour and natural colouring.

Blue Skies ice cream.

Vegan Icecream

This delicious ice cream is currently available to buy from Waitrose in the UK.

Made with creamy coconut milk, is available in three tasty flavours: mango and passion fruit, chocolate and orange and creamy coconut.

Oatly Oak Milk.

There are many oat milk brands out there, but Oatly is consistently touted as the best of the best.

When more and more people are looking for an alternative to milk, Oatly has developed fantastic options for your ”latte”.

Baristas everywhere are so enamored with Oatly that they even made an Oatly Barista edition, so you know it’s the good stuff.

Miyokos Cheese.

This is the best news ever.
One of the hardest things to give up for vegans is definitely cheese.                                                                          When I first tried it, I couldn’t believe it was made 100% from plant.

Miyokos Cheese it’s definitely the best vegan cheese ever!
So fear not, cheese-lovers, with Miyokos, you won’t miss real cheese anymore!

These are just some of our favourite vegan options. Wherever you choose to shop, you will find plenty of tasty vegan products waiting for you.

It’s an exciting time for plant-based product innovation!

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